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At Transforming Life Christian Fellowship, our ministry areas are where we serve out our mission statement – to “preach the gospel passionately, love people unconditionally, and develop disciples who live transfomationally in the world." We understand that ministry occurs when the needs of the congregation and community are met. Scroll below to learn more about each ministry at TLC Fellowship.

Lions of Judah Children’s Ministry
The Lions of Judah Children’s Ministry of TLC Fellowship focuses on the healthy spiritual development of children. We are committed to helping children learn and embrace the basic principle—“Jesus loves me!” 

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” - 1 Timothy 4:12 (TNIV)
FourTwelve inspires youth to carry the love of Christ, guides them through a journey of faith, and prepares them for lifelong discipleship. The ministry is committed to love, nurture, inspire, equip and empower youth to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in their individual lives, the church and community.

Young Adults
The Young Adult Ministry provides a forum for young adults (ages 18-30) to fellowship and strengthen their relationship with Christ through small group bible studies and powerful worship experiences.

"The Net" (Never Ending Transformation)
The Men’s Ministry of TLC Fellowship provides a Christian-based environment for men to become transformational disciples of Jesus Christ and spiritual servant-leaders in the church, their home and community.

Women of Purpose Ministry
The Women of Purpose Ministry of TLC Fellowship provides spiritual growth, fellowship and empowerment for women of the congregation and community.

STRONG: Standing Together Realizing Our Need for God
The mission of this group is to equip married couples with biblical tools and practical life skills needed to grow closer to each other and to God.

Evangelism / SWAG Ministry (Sharing Witnessing About God)
The SWAG Ministry gives leadership to TLC Fellowship in presenting the gospel passionately, reaching people lovingly and connecting persons to Christ and the church.

The Love Works Project (Outreach)
The mission of The Love Works Project is to provide the TLC family with opportunities to serve through ministries, activities, and projects that enhance the quality of life for all persons in need.

The Worship Ministry of TLC Fellowship will passionately and creatively lead the Body of Christ in an authentic response to who God is through worship which engages the mind, body, and soul.

Worship Ministries include:

  • ESTEEM (Excellent Service to Everyone Every Moment) Team

  • Music Ministry (Transformed, Band)

  • Sacred Dance Ministry (ORDERED STEPS, Children & Youth Sacred Dance)

Life Elevation Groups (LEGs)
The mission of LEGs is to enrich the community of TLC Fellowship by educating, training and developing “spiritual disciples” equipped to live transformationally, in the community and world, for Jesus Christ.


The TLC Fellowship FLIGHT (Finding Life in God’s Heavenly Truth) School will help individuals grow in their understanding of the Bible and strengthen their faith so they can live as transformational disciples of Jesus Christ.


Congregational Life
The mission of TLC Fellowship’s Congregational Life Ministry is to provide for the spiritual health, encouragement, growth, and the well-being of the congregation.


Media Ministry
The mission of the Media Ministry is to assist TLC Fellowship in spreading the gospel, effectively and with excellence, through the use of multi-media technology.

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