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October 5, 2018

October is Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, & Prostate Awareness Month.

October 7: World Communion Day
October 13: Board of Stewards Meeting (moved from 10/6)

October 14: Membership TLC Café & Book Table
October 19: National Mammography Day
October 21: Pastoral Appreciation – Guest Pastor:  Rev. Herbert Alexander Brisbon, III – Jerusalem-Mt. Pleasant UMC, Rockville, MS

October 28: Prostate Cancer Awareness

October 28: Fun Night to replace Halloween – to occur immediately after church

Part 3 of Pastor G’s series on the Lord’s Prayer was not a disappointment. He is really bringing the word to us.  

Week Three: “Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors”… (Matthew 6:11-12)

The three points were:
1. God provides for our needs!
2. God provides our forgiveness!
3. God provides strength to forgive others!

  • God Provides For Our Needs!

  • “I am going to rain bread from heaven for you, and each day the people shall go out and gather enough for that day.” - Exodus 16:4

YOU MUST JOIN US for Part Four! Again, you won’t be disappointed.

PASTOR APPRECIATION: Just a reminder – October is Pastors Appreciation Month. Don’t forget! On October 21, we will be honoring our Pastor, Tyrone D. Gordon, with our love, gifts, and well wishes. The ask is that each member, who can, gives the Pastor a gift of $100.00. You can place your gift into an offering envelope and write PASTOR APPRECIATION on the front and place it in the offering basket. Thank you. 

TLC FLIGHT SCHOOL: Don’t forget to join Pastor Wright, and your TLC family for Flight School! The study begins @ 9:15 AM each Sunday. The only book you will need is your Bible! 

PRAYER REQUEST: Please notify the church in the event of illness, bereavement, or if you or someone you know needs to receive communion. You can send notification by email to Also, please add the following individuals to your prayers: Pastor Gordon and family, Christian Jones, Dale Carlisle, Dollie Williams, Joan Gonzales, Larry Washington, Ray Washington, also keep TLC in your daily prayers … THANK YOU!

MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES: Please send all ministry opportunities to Sonia Jordan, at All submissions must be submitted by THURSDAY of each week to be included in the announcements.


THE HOLIDAYS ARE UPON US: If you wish to schedule the TLC Events & Conference Center see Yolanda Perez for available dates. And remember, the ECC team is still looking for referrals. If you refer up to 5 individuals to lease the space, and receive $50 for every booked event! 

JOIN TRANSFORMED TODAY: Hello Sopranos, Altos, Contra-altos, Tenors and the rest! Transformed is looking for YOU! Come worship & rejoice with us! See Minister of Music Mark Crump or Transformed Leader Shonteel Cummings for more information.

VOUNTEERS NEEDED FOR CHILDREN’S CHURCH: If you have a heart to teach what thus said the Lord to our youth, Children’s Church invites you to join the team. See Minister Sherry Flewellen-Ervin for more information. Help us teach our children about God.