March 19, 2020

March is International Women’s Month

February 26-April 11 – Lent
March 22 – Sunday Worship Celebration, 10 a.m. ONLINE ONLY (Worship with us at Facebook.com/TLCFellowship)

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March 28 – Church Anniversary Banquet (POSTPONED)


The Preached Word - Senior Pastor Tyrone Gordon

Sermon Title: The Mission of TLC, Part 1: Where is the Passion?
Scripture: Matthew 28:16–28

Transforming Life Christian Fellowship is eight years old! And, the struggle has been real. Still, we are moving forward. 

This past Sunday Pastor G delivered one of his signature sermons. “Where is the Passion?” What a question.  Are you ready for the answer?  Well, let’s look at the TLC MISSION Statement:

“To present the gospel passionately, love people unconditionally, and develop disciples who live transformationally in the world.” 

Passionately! How do we do this? Well, Pastor says we must:

1. Be a “go” to church not a “come” to church!
2. Keep the main thing the main thing! 
3. We can’t do this by ourselves!

Be a “go” to church not a “come” to church! “Jesus NEVER expected people to come to him – he always went to them”. He further reminded us that we must step outside of our comfort zone and share Jesus at work, school, the grocery store ... wherever you go, take your passion for Christ with you. Seems like he has said on more than one occasion that people ought to be able to tell who you belong to by the fruit you bear.  

The biggest point to me was when he said “WE CAN’T DO THIS BY OURSELVES.” Christ wants us to be the fishermen using a fishing net not a single fishing pole.  With a net you catch a lot of different types of fish. With a pole you may only catch a certain kind of fish – one at a time. 

Finally, if we follow God’s guidance because: HE GIVES THE CHARGE; HE SETS THE AGENDA; & HE CRAFTS THE MISSION! So, let’s keep our eyes and minds on the main thang and keep it the main thang: GROWING GOD’S KINGDOM as we remember what Pastor said: God is with us!

Now you know the above is an abbreviated version of the gospel message delivered on last Sunday. But as usual, you can find this, and other sermons, on the TLC Facebook page. Which, by the way, is how Pastor G will be delivering the sermon this coming Sunday. Please join us.

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